Social Media Outreach
Featured Content & Why it Matters

Teen Reader Society’s social media content is uniquely designed to engage teens and young people with reading and books. We feature books that our audiences can relate to and we do this in an engaging, playful and highly visual manner to capture their attention and interest. The result is an ever-expanding library of social media content that helps all teenagers and young people identify books that will pique their interest and will want to read. Visit our Data page for more information.

Breaking with the top-down approach of required reading, we use a subtle approach to foster the love of books:

Which Witch from Literature are You? 
Reach: 86.1K
Likes & Reactions: 4.1K 

One of our Halloween posts in 2020, this post encouraged our followers to name their favorite witch characters from books including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Tempest.  This post received over 4,000 likes and 53 comments. 

We use creative multi-media content to increase attract attention:

What People ‘Think’ Readers See

Addressing the negative preconceptions of the activity of reading and readers themselves is an important first step in undoing the unhealthy stereotypes that impact reading attitudes among teens.

Reading Teleport: Davenport, CA (Tana French)

The power of books to transport us to other places and lived was especially highlighted by the pandemic and resulting lockdowns. This is an example, of how tap into the prevailing sentiment to direct teens’ attention to books. 

We are committed to engaging in discussions and activism in regards to diversity, inclusion and representation of ethnic, racial and LGBTQIA+ groups in the books and authors we feature:

Novels to Educate Yourself on Anti-Asian Racism

Black Poetry Day

Alexander Hamilton by: Ron Chernow

Pride Month

Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of an Empire

We seek out books that appeal to the diverse interests of teens:

Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass by Lana Del Rey
Reach: 40.8K
Likes & Reactions: 400

We understand that the power and influence of celebrity is omnipresent on social media. Teens and young adults represent the majority of social media consumption and are the most impressionable. We are constantly working to un-do celebrity-product messaging that takes interest away from reading. Therefore, we are excited to review books from celebrities and people that teens admire most.

We connect books to well-loved movies to encourage more reading, including reading of classics:

Clueless, the movie / Emma by Jane Austen, the book
Reach: 225.6K 
Likes & Reactions: 2.8.K

The Film Club

Many of the most loved movies are of course based on novels and many explore the same themes as classics novels. We highlight these connections to drew teens into reading. 

We feature contemporary best-sellers and emerging teen favorites our audiences will naturally gravitate to: 

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue
Reach: 30.5K
Likes & Reactions: 1.1K

Six of Crows
Reach: 30.92K
Likes & Reactions: 543

We were Liars

We follow and highlight new bestsellers teens and young people, who don’t often read newspapers or magazines would otherwise miss. 

Some of our Instagram content is directly linked to our programs:

Go on a Date with a Book

Blind Date with a Book was our first book donation program and it was a success. Teens loved the element of surprise placed in the program when they requested a book, but with only a genre mentioned. The popularity of this program clearly showed that many teens indeed are excited about books.