Social Media
EOY Report 2022

Our social media strategy for Instagram this year was focused on creating book-related content that is more relatable to reluctant readers. To do so, the Content Creation team at Teen Readers Society created posts that reached audiences besides only those who already enjoy reading, such as creating a post about Met Gala looks as book covers. We also revisited old posts and created a revamped version of them.

With the revamped posts, we found that they were more successful than the older post (50% increase in accounts reached). We created more reels on the platform as well to connect with our audience through short, relatable videos. Through our consistent efforts, we achieved a 45% increase in the accounts we reached in the past 90 days, reaching over 24.8k people. The accounts we reached are mainly non-followers and over 50% of these accounts fall within our target audience of 18-24 year olds living in the United States. Our current strategy for Instagram is reaching the audience we intend to reach and is increasing the presence of our organization.

The primary goals of Teen Readers Society’s social media accounts are to build our online presence and to increase awareness of the organization and the benefits of reading. We create interesting content to encourage lifelong readers and reluctant readers alike to read. With TikTok we want to emphasize exposure to our account.

Our profile views have increased 20.6% in the last 60 days to 2,655views. The views on our most viral videos of the last 60 days (which received 33.8k and 4.7k views respectively) are mainly from accounts that do not follow us already. In terms of followers we currently have 329. Of that group 61% are 18-24 years old with the next largest group being 25-34 year olds at 25% (TikTok does not collect age data for those under 18). This means we are creating content that resonates with our target market.

-Trisha Dang & Olivia Maher, Digital Marketing Managers