Children and young people in the United States are experiencing food insecurity to an extent unprecedented in modern times.  Approximately one-third of all households with a child under 18 are struggling to make ends meet.  With disruptions in education and the general uncertainty, the mental and psychological toll of the current pandemic is enormous. Increased reading in the Covid era could be especially helpful for both the mental well-being and self education of young people. But what about teens who struggle and simply can’t afford to buy books they’d like to read? Our programs are designed to help all teens and young people have access to the books they want to read.


We have partnered with independent book sellers around the country to join our program. These bookstores are among the most loved bookstores in their own communities. 

How our program works…

For teen readers: 

Please contact us via our contact page or via Instagram with a wish for a specific book you wish to read, but don’t have access to. We will welcome any information about you and your choice for the book you would like to share. We will then reach out to our partner bookseller closest to your location to fulfill the wish. 

For our partner bookstores: 

We will reach out to you with book wishes from teens in your region. Once the wish is fulfilled,  we will send you a Teen Readers Society certificate to show your support for teen readers. 

Other Rules 

At this point, the program is limited to one book per person. We are working hard to extend this so we can support as many teen readers as possible. While we will do our best to locate and supply the books readers wish for,  we can’t guarantee to be able to deliver rare, out-of-print or otherwise hard to find books.