New Releases 2021

Young Adult

A Court of Silver Flames – Feb 16

The newest addition to popular author Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses Series, this young adult novel (coming out on February 16th) is sure to be a hit. The plot centers on Nesta Archeron, sister of Night Court Queen Feyre Archeron, and the relationship she develops with Night Court member Cassian. Fans of Maas are excited about the shift of perspective from Feyre to Nesta and the new edition to the incredibly popular series.


How to Avoid a Climate Disaster- Feb 16

In his new book, author and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates details his plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid the looming climate catastrophe facing the world. The book which comes out on February 16th uses various experts and displays Gates’ own ideas for not only why the world needs to drastically cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, but also how it can be done.


Second First Impressions- April 13

Well-known romance author Sally Thorne is releasing her newest novel in the spring of 2021. The light-hearted plot follows Ruthie Midona, a retirement home manager, and the romance that unfolds when tough-guy Teddy Prescott moves into town and begins work as a male assistant for two 90-year-old women. This is sure to be a fun read for all fans of the romance genre.


Pretty Little Wife- Feb 11

In this new suspense novel, author Darby Kane tells the story of Lila Ridgefield and a series of disappearances that rocks her small town. When her husband Aaron, as well as three other students, go missing Lila’s picturesque town becomes desperate to find an answer. And while Lila is confused about her husband’s disappearance, it is not for the same reason as everyone else. 


The Mary Shelley Club- April 13

  In this horror/YA mix, Gouldy Moldavsky writes about the new girl and horror movie buff Rachel Chavez. When Rachel is inducted into the Mary Shelly club at her school she feels accepted as the group conduct pranks, and Fear Tests based on classic horror movie stigmas. Though, as time goes on the once harmless fun turns deadly and leaves Rachel wondering if she has walked into a real-life horror movie.


Son of Storm- May 11

In the first installment of the Nameless Republic series, author Suyi Davies tells the story of Danso, a scholar who longs for freedom away from the elite class. This wish for adventure comes true when Danso meets Lilong, a skin-changing warrior from the Nameless Islands, which according to city lore does not exist. The two embark on an exciting journey filled with action, and magic perfect for fans of the fantasy genre.


What you never knew – April 13

In this new mystery novel, author Jessica Hamilton tells the story of June Bennett and the mystery that unfolds when she travels back to Avril Island, an island her family owns. Still unable to get over the loss of her sister and the disappearance of her father, June hopes for some solace at her family’s old cottage. Instead, she learns a disturbing truth about her father’s disappearance and encounters strange things on the island tied to her family leading her to search for the truth about her family’s summers at Avril.


Waterbaby – April 6

This spring, author Nikki Wallschkaeger is releasing her third set of poems. In her upcoming collection, Wallschkaeger centers her work around the element of water to explore various topics and hardships in life. Waterbaby pays special attention to Wallschkaeger’s heritage being described on Amazon as “a book about Blackness, language, and motherhood in America”. For fans of poetry, Waterbaby is sure to be a hit with Wallschkaeger’s beautifully varied rhythms powerfully communicating serious topics to those who chose to read her incredible work.

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