May 2021 Book Highlights

Lore – Alexandra Bracken

This YA fantasy follows protagonist Melora “Lore” Perseous and her experience in the Agon, an event that happens every seven years in which Greek gods walk the earth as mortals who are able to kill them and take their power. During the Agon, Lore is forced to bind her life to the Goddess Athena and join the hunt to stop the rise of a new and tyrannical god from seizing power. This book is perfect for those who are a fan of Greek mythology or YA fantasy and is a fun read for the summer

Villette- Charlotte Bronte

The plot follows protagonist Lucy Snowe as she moves to the French city of Villette after an unspecified disaster that left her without family. Once at Villette, Lucy takes up an occupation at a girls’ boarding school where she reconnects with some childhood acquaintances and finds love where she least expected it. This book is perfect for fans of Brontë’s famous novel, Jane Eyre or classics in general. French is used frequently throughout the novel, which makes it a tough but fulfilling read.

The Girls I’ve Been – Tess Sharpe

Nora already knew today was going to suck. When her ex-boyfriend (also her current best friend) walked in on Nora and her new girlfriend kissing last night, Nora knew the trip to the bank the next morning to deposit the fundraiser money was going to be awkward. What she didn’t expect was for the two men behind them in line to start robbing the bank. Growing up with a con-artist mother there are some things you never forget, and Nora will need to use everything she’s learned if she’s going to get everyone out alive.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Robert Loius Stevenson

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a gothic tale set in Victorian London about a man and his many faces. It is riddled with mystery and murder all done in the name of science, opening up Pandora’s box of concerning circumstances. Our main character is Henry Jekyll who finds himself caught up in the middle of the investigation as he is quickly linked to the sinister Mr. Hyde. His conscience is put to the ultimate test with the story tackling the pursuit of good versus evil and what happens when you begin to lose control.

Beartown – Fredrick Backman

Fredrik Backman builds characters that are relatable and makes the reader see, hear and feel the narrative throughout the plot. The story is a little slow to pick up, but once it does, you will be hooked! Beartown is a remote hockey town in Sweden. The story follows a junior hockey team on their way to nationals. The town prides itself on its hockey roots and the community is hoping that a win by the junior hockey team will restore the town’s former glory and revitalize their dying economy. However, before the final, an incident leaves Beartown torn apart. Beartown is a book that will break your heart and lovingly mend it. It’s a story about being courageous, embracing emotions, and navigating ethical dilemmas.

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