Judit Langh, Founder & Executive Director 

Judit is a global communications and media consultant working primarily in the areas of climate change, biodiversity, heath, technology, lifestyle and the arts. Her clients have included the United Nations, Salesforce, UAI New York and Impossible Foods. She is also the co-founder of sixtrain communications, a cause driven public relations firm and founder of Imaguine, a creative collaborative focused on visual storytelling. 

Reading has been a constant source of joy to her as well as a facet of connection to other people. She does not remember a time when she wasn’t reading something. Most recently, she has been fascinated by the history of the Venetian Republic, World War II and much of the French and American literature that emerged from 1920s and ’30s. 

Teen Readers Society is a tribute to the enormous role books and reading have played in her life. It is also a manifestation of her dedication to pass the joys of reading on to the next generation. 

Judit holds a Master of Business Administration from San Francisco State University. She has also studied English linguistics, literature and photography.