Healing Through Books

In partnership with
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, San Francisco & Oakland

Teen Readers Society is donating brand new books to teens who get admitted to one of Northern California’s largest pediatric hospitals. The program aims to reach a highly diverse group of teens during a time in their lives when the transformative power of books is especially needed.

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital treats virtually all pediatric conditions, including cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders and traumatic injuries as well as care for organ transplant recipients and critically ill newborns. It is one of only a few hospitals in the nation equipped to treat rare and serious illnesses in children.

While the hospital includes an on-site schoolroom and library along with a staff of highly dedicated teachers, it lacks adequate access to books geared towards adolescent patients.

Teen Readers Society worked with Erika Shue, Child Life Teacher and Schoolroom Coordinator at the Marie Wattis School Program to develop an assortment of books for teens to choose from through a carefully designed and visually attractive digital catalogue. This includes all genres most popular among teens today and guarantees that every young patient will find books they actually enjoy reading. Once a teen chooses a book, the title will arrive within a couple of days.

A Few Words from our Donation Benefactors

“My appreciation for Teen Readers Society is best expressed through the quote, ‘Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.’  Giving teen patients access to quality books allows them to venture outside the hospital and escape into a story.  What an incredible gift. Thank you!”

Erika Shue
Child Life Teacher

“Being in the hospital, especially as a teen can be so isolating. Providing great books to our patients is the most kind refuge and a profound gift.”

Erin Henderson
Special Education Teacher

We are so grateful to build this partnership with the Teen Readers Society.  Your generosity will better allow us to engage with our hospitalized teen students in a more meaningful way.  Sometimes a favorite book is just the thing that will get a teen talking.

Gina Ditto, MA, CCLS
Special Education Teacher

Which Books are Included?

Click here to view our digital catalogue of titles included in the donation.

How to donate

Teen Readers Society currently funds 100% of the Healing Through Books program through our General Fund. In order for us to continue offering this program, please donate directly to Healing Through Books program using the form to the right. Please also consider donating for our ‘General Support’ on the donation page so we can continue building new book donation programs like Healing Through Books in the future!