Blind Date with a Book

Update: 9.14.2020 – New submissions have been suspended for Blind Date with a Book. We thank everyone who participated in the program and all the positive feedback we received. All pending requests will be fulfilled.

Blind Date With a Book is one of our book campaigns introduced by our Educational Advisor, Taylor Burke.  As a lovely, wise lady once said, “You should read the book that falls in your hands from the shelf”.  This is our take on a similar idea and our way to help break down the barriers that prescribed books sometimes build between reading and teens. 


Anyone can request a blind date with a book by reaching out to us over Instagram.  We will ask you about your favorite types of books  – whether it be non fiction, young adult, romance or anything else. Then we proceed to send you on your blind date. Your book will arrive within about a week.  The books we donate may be new or second-hand, but they are all in excellent condition.  We use eco-friendly packaging materials.