Teen Readers Society (TRS) is a grass-roots, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization working to reverse declining reading rates among teenagers. TRS is unique: all of our programs, initiatives and content are driven and curated by teens and young adults.

While reading rates are at an all-time low both among adolescents and adults, research suggests that reading for pleasure is steadily disappearing from the everyday lives of young people – regardless of gender, ethnicity, geographic location and socioeconomic status – and this has far reaching consequences.

Reading for pleasure is extremely beneficial for our emotional well-being as well as personal and intellectual development. The feeling of ‘losing one’s self’ while reading promotes deep relaxation comparable to meditation, countering depression, anxiety and stress. It also helps develop our ability to focus for longer periods of time, creating lifelong learning habits and a deeper understanding of an increasingly complex world. It increases imagination, empathy for others and self-confidence. Some research suggests that reading for pleasure is more important for educational success than socio-economic status. On a societal level, a population that reads is essential for a well-functioning liberal democracy.


Our mission is to increase the rate of teenagers who read for pleasure on a regular basis. We seek to cut across the barriers that have created negative attitudes about reading for teenagers and restore excitement about the pleasures of reading and books. 

Our secondary mission is to provide books to all teenagers who have an expressed desire to read, but lack access to books. 


Our vision is a world where all teenagers have excitement and vibrant conversations about books and reading. A world where reading and books are valued and considered “cool” and a world where everyone has access to the books they wish to read to enrich, improve and change their lives.


Our values inform and guide our work. We are committed to approaching everything we do with curiosity, respect and utmost professionalism. We seek to give space to all voices regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and beliefs, so long as voices are expressed in the spirit of collaboration and mutual respect. 

Facts & Figures

An overview of reading among teens in numbers

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Our findings on teen reading behaviors.