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We are in urgent need of your donation of any amount to bridge teen women’s reproductive education and critical support for this new generation growing up without the safety-net and lifeline that Roe provided us. 

Into to TRS Video

In honor of International Literacy Day, watch our newest video, detailing our mission, vision, campaigns, programs and goals for the future!

We’re providing Books to In-patient Children and Teens

Learn more about our efforts to provide a book to each child and teen admitted as in-patients to hospitals throughout the U.S.

Proven Success

West-Coast Wildfire Aid

We provided 5,000 new books to children and teens who lost their homes during the 2020 west-coast wildfire season in partnership with Penguin Random House.

English literacy for Afghan Refugees

We provided 2,000 books for Afghan asylum seekers in the United States in partnership with Better World Books, Team Rubicon and the U.S. Government.

The Teen Readers Society’s mission is to campaign for ‘reading for pleasure’ as an essential facet of a teenager’s personal development. Our goal is to reverse declining reading rates among teenagers by promoting regular reading behavior through a teen’s social network. These channels will act as a bridge between the established mantra of the benefits of reading and the serendipitous magic of discovering a story. 

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Facts & Figures

An overview of reading for pleasure among teens in numbers.


Our current reading campaigns and programs for teens.

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